The Top 4 Free and Open Source Inventory Management Software

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Inventory management software systems help both small and large businesses save money and time through monitoring customer orders and stock. These systems are generally tailor-made to fit each business needs despite being free of charge. Here is our pick of five of the best open source inventory management software.

ABC Inventory:

Almyta Control System or simply ABC inventory is a free package designed for a single user. It allows one to manage multiple serial numbers, warranties, warehouses and a host of other accounts related data. As it is the norm for nearly all free options, the user will be required to manage the system and provide all the required support personally.


Delivrd is a cloud-based inventory and order fulfillment solution. Launched in 2016, Delivrd has two plans one going for $50 per month while the other going for free which covers only one location and 25SKUs. According to analysts, the free plan is best suited for businesses that have a constricted focus, for example, the online retailers like Shopify and specialty product and service retailers.  Apart from offering inventory solutions, Delivrd offers barcoding, pick and pack and financial reporting support to its users. Unlike the free plan, the paid plan provides access to more locations and products and also offers more PO and sales management tools.


InFlow is a simple inventory management software which focuses on helping small and medium businesses better manage their inventory systems. The system was introduced in 2007 and has registered a continuous growth ever since. Currently, it boasts of having more than 750,000 users. InFlow offers a free option which has a limit of 100 products and customers and baker’s dozen reports. Unlike the paid option, the free option lacks advanced user features and inventory management options.  Apart from the free option, InFlow has an upgraded option which goes for a one-off $399 payment. This option allows one a chance to access unlimited products and customers, more reports and use customized invoices and order forms.

RightControl Lite:

RightControl Lite offers inventory management for up to ten product lines. It comes with invoice and receipt general tools specially designed for small businesses and self-employed individuals. Despite having limited product lines, RightControl Lite offers nearly all features of its bigger brothers and sisters in the RightControl Line. It also allows its users to set automatic to reorder reminders when stocks run low, print product labels and integrate the labels with barcode system.

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