Why You Need a Credit Card Reader

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When starting a business, one of the primary things you must give particular attention to is the payment system you will need your potential clients to use. Unlike in the past when cash payment option used to top the list, today an array of alternatives exists; among them being credit card payment.

According to analysts, credit card payment system has by far outdone all other options because of the many positive features it carries. For starters, the system is very secure and reliable, especially when making large payments on one hand and receiving payments on the other side. Besides, the system is elementary to use and safe. Based on the many positive features associated with credit card payment, there is no doubt that you should have it as an option in your business.

Square Point of Sale:

For starters, you can go for one that quickly and easily accepts credit, debit and even EMC chip card payments. Square Point of Sale app is one such option which goes for $ 38. The gadget lets you go cord-free since the reader has been designed to connect wirelessly to Android and IOS easily devises with Bluetooth LE.

Futura Credit Card Reader:

If you’re operating on a tight budget, you can go for a cheaper option of about $15; the Futura credit card reader. The three track magnetic strip card reader has been specially designed to connect and work with laptops or desktop computers efficiently. Futura credit card reader can be used for credit card processing, sale access control, identity card verification or even employee clock-in and out. Apart from being very affordable, Futura credit card reader stands out as one of the best options because it has been designed to handle up to 1,000,000 card swipes.

Osayde Credit Card Reader:

If you have a deep pocket, you can go for Osayde Credit Card Reader which costs $96. This modern machine enables you to read write and if need be erase magnetic trip tracks easily. Ideally, you can use it to not only accept credit and debit card payments but also create gift cards or employee ID cards with the machine. You can also use Osayde Credit Card Reader to generate and swipe e-tickets and if need be keep track and time for your employees. This credit card reader comes with 20 free blank cards, a USB connector, easy to use power monitor and a cleaning card.


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